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JL 327 Cincinnati, Ohio


"Helping our heroes through Rock and Roll"

JL 327 - For those of you who wonder why JL 327... Simple... Watch The Andy Griffith Show! some point see JL 327 :-)

We are a network of Musicians that play together from Time to Time. All musicians in the network agree that when they pay together under the JL327  banner the money paid will all be donated to local Charities that help Fire Fighters, Police Officers and Military members in need. The band players KEEP no money to play. Playing standard covers ranging from Rock, Country, Blues, and writing a few here and there.  While the players at each show can change from time to time, the mission is to Help Heroes through Rock and Roll. We are all just lovers of Music and enjoy playing...and helping those who help our community and country! 

If you are a musician interested in Joining the network of players, drop us a line and we will see if we click!

If you are a band interested in Joining the network in your City Contact Paul Jones at


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