JL327 Band plays Live at Tavern Oh the Hill in Cincinnati, Ohio

A Little clarity about JL327 Band

So what is this thing called JL327

We are asked a few things a lot... 

  • JL327 is a Network of musicians that have all agreed to donate all earnings to a charitable foundation. The players may change but the mission under the JL327 Band Banner does not. Players may be from other bands or individual artist that have their own thing happening outside of JL327, but when they play under the JL327 banner they all agree to stay true to the mission.
  • Venues wanting to book JL327 are expected to pay an agreed reasonable fee for the Band to perform at their location. This fee is agreed to at the time of booking. They also have an additional option to pay a fee that MATCHES what is collected above the agreed price, IF they desire.  Added value to the venue is if JL327 collects funds in the bucket we will provide equal value from those funds back to the venue and they can write a check to the charity in that amount. This exchange will only be equal to the amount collected. The remainder will be donated on behalf of the JL327 Network to the charity in kind.
  • Why don't you guys get paid to play? We do get paid to play... Let's be clear on this... We are NOT playing for free... What we do is GIVE the money away to those hero's in need. How it works is simple.. We love to play, all of us... But we are all blessed in our own ways. We all have Jobs and careers. Our passion is playing music for fun and to be surrounded by our friends and fans who love music and having a good time. So the deal we have with the venues we play at is they are required to invest the same amount of money that they would normally pay for a band. That money is then given away by all the members of JL327 to a charity for our hero's. Pretty simple... We are not trying to get a record deal and our dream isn't about being on Americas Got Talent...
  • Is every event a FUNDRAISER? NO! NO! NO!....we are NOT a fundraiser... we are a band of guys who play music and give the money away. When you come to an event we provide a bucket, or a hat you can drop a buck in IF you want. All of that money is ALSO Given away by the band. It is not required to give a penny...but face it....If you went to a bar to see a band usually they would have a cover charge and you'd pay it to hear the music and have some fun... So WTH... if ya like the music and had fun feel free to drop a buck or 10 in, but no worries if you don't. It's all about the fun!
  • What's this MATCHER stuff? Again, we are blessed... we have several companies that have said..."We like what you do with your money and want to help" They have agreed to MATCH whatever we have in the Bucket at the end of the night. So if fans drop in 500.00 total, the MATCHER will add 500.00 to the bucket!!! Now ain't that an AMAZING thing! Talk about LOVE!
  • How often do you guys play? We try and play out at least once every Month and a Half. We would like to play more, but we all have obligations as well. Sign up for updates and we will let you know.
  • Is Kevin Single? No...he's sexy, but not single! Sorry Ladies :-(

And those are the most often asked questions about JL327 Band in Cincinnati, Ohio!

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WHO are the JL327 Players

Kevin Bareswilt of Jl327 Band in Cincinnati Ohio

Kevin Bareswilt

Guitar - Drums

Alex Jones of Jl327 Band in Cincinnati Ohio

Alex Jones

Bass - Guitar - Drums - Mandolin - Vocals

Alex Jones, a founding member and bass guitarist in the Cincinnati based rock band Milk Stevens, also plays bass guitar in JL 327. Alex’s musical influence ranges from jazz to jam with stops in country and rhythm and blues in between. Alex has a penchant for the low end and enjoys sitting in the pocket keeping the JL 327 boys in line. 


Mike Hengehold


Dan Frimming of Jl327 Band in Cincinnati Ohio

Dan Frimming

Guitar - Harmonic - Vocals

JL327 Band Member  Noah "The Man" Kocher keeping the beat together!

Noah "Mr Man" Kocher


Noah "Mr Man" is by far the youngest member of JL327. At 15 Noah has taken the JL327 Fans hearts. Playing tunes that where made famous long before he was ever born! 

The JL327 gang is blessed to have Noah as part of our team! It's awesome to see a young man helping raise money for our Hero's!

Steve Hengehold of Jl327 Band in Cincinnati Ohio

Steve Hengehold

Lead Guitar - Piano - Vocals

JL 327 Band In Cincinnati Member Perry Herbert

Perry Herbert

 Sound, Lighting, Marketing and Head of Charity Relations 

Russell Smith of Jl327 Band in Cincinnati Ohio

Russ Smith


Paul Jones of Jl327 Band in Cincinnati Ohio

Paul Jones


Paul has been playing music most all his life. Starting out on Bongos and Drums at the age of 5, he hails from a Musically Rich Family. The Grandson of the Thumbpick style guitar creator, Kennedy Jones who wrote many tunes over his years including the famous Cannon Ball Rag and the third son of Midwestern Hayride Musician, Donald Earl Jones, he has been surrounded by music all his life. Paul enjoyed 17 years on the road doing stand up comedy as well as held a publishing deal in Nashville where he wrote music and scripts with people like the Late Wayne Perry, and DeWayne Blackwell and many others. After retiring from Comedy he began his career in the Automotive and customer service business. Through his company ZassCo, Inc, Paul runs Campus Callers with his Daughter MacKenzie. A full service call center, Campus Callers employs College Students and Military Spouses. 

Paul has written several books on the subject of Mental Health and Suicide, such as "The Up and Down Life" and spoken across the country on the subject to well over 250 major colleges and institutions, such as lecturing at Johns Hopkins sharing his story from stage to well over 2 million people. 

Paul has been married to his wife Lisa for 37 years, Has 3 children, Alex (JL327 Bass Player), MacKenzie and Olivia. Has 1 grand daughter by MacKenzie and husband Steve, Colbie  - He is also a USAF Vet!