Help Support an event or just donate

Unable to make an event but want to donate to the cause or just want to help out? Awesome... you can do so right here. Simply select one of the charities we currently provide funds to and send them a check or click on the link and donate from their website. OR see below how else you can help!

NOTE: You can always write a check out to the events cause and provide that to the band. We will get that to them and you will then have a record for your tax consultant! 

Go directly to the USO -


Support The USO Through Music and Fun!

Other Ways to Help JL327 and the Cause


So you want to help out as well? Awesome.... below are some ways to do that.

When we came up with the idea of playing music together, we never imagined that it would turn in to what it already has become. Keep in mind... we are all people who have full time jobs, families and daily responsibilities. We where just a few guys who love music wanting to play, have fun and help out our heroes.... In a very short period it is turning in to something wonderful beyond expectations.

We have had so many people ask, How can I help? Well here are some thoughts... Feel free to come up with some on your own.

God Bless you


Announce coming events

Let your friends, family and co-workers know about an up-coming event. SPREAD the word... THAT right there helps us out. Send them the link to this web site and let them know we are out there


If you go to our Media/Art page you can download posters. Again, get the word out. Put them in your Business, places you go and so on.


Hey.... why not become one of us? Do you play and instrument? We are always looking for talented people who want to play once in a while. You do not have to commit too every single event.... Just make enough practices to learn the tunes.... Contact us today and lets get started... 

Keyboards and Horns would be great....

Become a MATCHER

Why not MATCH us at an event? This is how we will take this to the next level for sure....

You can match $ for $ or stipulate and "UpTo" amount...Just let us know what you want to do and we will make it work....

NOTE.... Matchers can choose to MATCH as many or as few events as you wish... But you will be mentioned at every event and on our website for as long as we exist

Fund the Cause

We love doing what we are doing.... each and every member of JL327 has been blessed with a good life through hard work... Each of us take on the burden of equipment cost and other cost associated with the Mission freely and happily..... BUT if you would like to help out by donating some gear... we will not turn you away.

Our Current Needs and Wish List is

  • Two More Powered Speakers for larger venues
    • Estimated cost $1200.00 PER
  • Some more lighting and effect lighting systems
    • Estimated Cost $400.00 PER
  • Printed Materials
    • Tickets
    • Large Format Posters
    • T-Shirt and other Merch Items
    • Estimated Cost - VARIES


Wanna have a hell of a party for a great reason? Then HOST a JL327 EVENT. Got a Big Back YARD....Own a Company and have some space....Own a BAR or place of business that can handle an event? BOOK US....Hit the booking page or call us at 513-407-4807 today or send us an email at