Let's Play a little Andy Griffith Trivia!

As you know by now JL327 is named after the license plate of the squad car on the show. Paul is a HUGE Griff fan... as a matter of fact generally he will watch the show every single day, but especially on Sundays!!!

So this Trivia will not be for the feint at heart... Nope... this is hard core stuff :-) or at least some of it will be.

Check back for the games to begin... You could WIN some JL327 STUFF

Do some Homework

Not up on your Griff Knowledge? Get to know the episodes. Many and or most of the questions will involve the set and or in consistences in the script. Something only Griff freaks would pick up on...... Good luck.

Look and Tell?

 Name the Episode that this is :-)


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What are the three wishes Opie made during this episode!

Tracy K - East Price Hill

Wish Number 1 - Was for a Jack Knife

Wish Number 2 - Was a B in Math

Wish Number 3 - Was that Helen Krump would be his teacher the next year!

Congrats Tracy! Spot on.... Barney However had cut Opie off from finishing his wish and assumed it was that Helen and Andy get Married, which turned out to make a mess of the whole situation.


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1-13 Question

 Name the Episode and what Barney has going on! 

James W. Washington CH

This was " The Case of the Punch in the Nose" Episode 25. Barney is trying to reenact an open case between Floyd and Mr. Foley"

100% correct James.... Actually over all this was episode 152 and in season 5!

Catch me at Tavern on the Hill on the 21st of Feb and I'll buy ya a drink on JL327!

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JL327 Band Grif Triv

1-3 Question

Q-In what season does Ronny Howard get actual CREDIT on screen for appearing in the show? 

Mike V. Cincinnati, Oh

Season 3 was when he got Print Credit.... His name was always announced!


Spot on Mike...... It was not until season three that his name appeared in the opening credit in print.Here is a little side TRIV.... Francis Bavier did not get credit until season 6 on the opening and at that time they actually stopped vocalizing the names of the stars. It is the same season Don Knots was removed from opening credits.  Come see me at Tavern on the Hill on the 21st and I will get ya some JL Gear!

12-30 Answer


12-30-19 Q


12/30 Q-  There is something very odd about the Jailhouse set in season one. What seems to have gotten by the set designers that only a real GRIFF fan like Paul would catch? 

Terry L. Zanesville, Oh

The set is missing the heater shown in later seasons.

GREAT, GREAT answer but not the one I was looking for. You are correct in you observation though... If you are at the show on the 9th you will get a FREE drink on me! I sent you an email check your in box!

Scott W. Charleston, SC

There is a swinging door that separates the cells from the the rest of the jailhouse.

#1- Charleston... One of my favorite places!! #2- Looks like we are getting some real Griff Fans.... Very good answer. You are again correct in your observation. As a matter of fact I am not sure at what point the swinging door (gate) was taken out but I do know it ends up gone. If you ever go to Blues on ANNA Knappe BLVD I may see you there! I'll buy ya a drink.


First off the above two answers where spot on for observation. I got many guesses but these where actual observations that warranted being shared..Thanks Terry and and Scott for your Griff Knowledge.

The real answer is..... Inside the jail house too the right of the door if you are walking out there is only a wall... Yet on outside shots there is a window in that same spot :-) This error is fixed in season 2!

12/17 Q- Episode 102 -Answers


Mike B - Goshen, Ohio

Ronny Howard mistakenly calls him Dad.

WRONG! Nice try though

Carol L - Sharonville, Ohio

When Ronny Howard walks in to the scene he looks at his real dad and says "Hi dad"

WRONG! Again nice try but I am pretty sure these guesses are just that... SUGGESTION... Watch the Episode :-)


Watch the scene before. Rance Howard is dressed in a light colored Suit with a light hat. He sits down to wait for Andy with Hat in lap. Ronny Howard enters the scene. As he walks in he looks towards his real dad... For a split second we see a Man with a Black Suit and Black Hat (ON) in the chair his father sat in :-)

Told YA.... ya got to look close

Thanks to everyone who submitted answers... While I only posted two we had several more. We will be launching a REAL TIME BOARD soon so you can answer and post to the trivia page! Sign up for Blog Updates and we will keep you posted as to when this feature goes live!